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Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, & Probate

Estate Planning & Administration

Estate planning provides people with legal devices (wills, trusts, health care directives, powers of attorney, etc.) to manage their assets and personal affairs during their lives and means to pass down their assets at their deaths.

Estate Administration involves managing the assets and personal affairs of people after their deaths. Depending on the situation, this can involve trust administration, probate, or property petitions.

Services Offered

  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney for Financial Management
  • Advance Health Care Directives
  • Asset Protection
  • HIPAA Authorizations
  • Planning for Parents of Minor Children
  • Trust Administration
  • Probate


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Arabelle Malinis, Esq.

After several years of practice in housing and consumer rights, I decided to open my own practice in trusts and estates, in part, when I became a parent. I  started thinking about how my husband and I could protect and provide for my young child in the event of my or my husband’s incapacity or untimely death. I thought about the following:

  • Who can we legally appoint to take care of our child, and how can we ensure that they carry-out our wishes in his upbringing? [Guardians can be nominated through a will, and parents can provide specific instructions for the guardians as to how to raise their child(ren) in the event of their death. Guardians must be approved by the court.]
  • How can we leave our assets to our child, so he can be taken care of while he is a minor, and will be distributed to him when he becomes an adult? [Various types of trusts can be used to serve this purpose.] 

I also started thinking about how to take care of my aging parents in the event that they become ill and incapacitated. I thought about the following:

  • Who can have the authority to make medical decisions or advocate, on my parents’ behalf,  if they are unable to?  [One can appoint an agent in an Advance Health Care Directive to make medical decisions, and authority can be limited or broad. One can also appoint an agent to manage his/her finances in a Durable Power of Attorney.]
  • How can my parents direct their doctors, or hospital to carry-out their end-of-life wishes?  [Instructions can be placed in an Advance Health Care Directive and/or in a form called Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST).] 

Changing my practice to trusts and estates was a natural progression, because there are many intersections between trusts and estates and housing and consumer rights: property rights, mortgages, and assets and debts, to name a few. In fact, some of my former clients’ legal problems could have been avoided, or at the very least mitigated, had they planned ahead and used estate planning tools.

Now I integrate my knowledge and experience into my practice and provide a comprehensive, compassionate, high-quality trust and estates services tailored to my clients’ goals and objectives. 

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